Boost Your Fitness Performance

Boost Your Fitness Performance

Vitamin C for a Power Punch, for Gym Gains

If you're a gym person and love training, a walker, jogger, dancer, do yoga, or your own fitness routine, keep your C-pure Vitamin C levels up. This Super Vitamin can affect, support your workout performance plus your wellness.  

Not saying that taking Vitamin C alone will take your workouts to the next level but it’s an important Vitamin to support optimising your hormones and for maximising strength development. 

C-Pure Vitamin C Benefits 

Consuming enough Vitamin C will ensure your testosterone levels are healthy and sufficiently high for you to gain strength and lean muscle. 

Vitamin C is necessary if you do intense workouts, the more intense the greater the need for Vitamin C. For great body composition you need to be getting enough natural high dose liposomal Vitamin C.

Keep in mind that you lose Vitamin C when you sweat. 

Vitamin C is known to be a must have to help boost energy levels which helps fatigue.

Vitamin C is an excellent way to support your recovery after a hard workout.

Vitamin C supports healthy circulation which helps your heart pump blood and oxygen to your tissues, this can support you both  during and after a workout.

Vitamin C is known to support, speed up recovery after workouts. 

Vitamin C  supports  your immune levels.

Vitamin C helps reverse support exercise induced oxidative stress which can cause cell damage and slow recovery. 

This amazing Vitamin will also help to support, maintain healthier hormone levels. 

Vitamin C in high doses can support to reduce muscle soreness  and delays the increase of Creatine kinase which is an enzyme present when muscle damage occurs after exercise. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant which helps inflammation. When you improve muscle soreness naturally it improves performance.

Vitamin C Too For Post Workout Recovery 

Protein tends to get the post-workout recovery headlines, but taking protein won’t do much good if your body can’t break it down and transport it to where it’s needed most, by taking Vitamin C your body is better able to metabolise protein, allowing it to repair exercise induced damage to muscle fibres among other things.

Vitamin C plays an important role in helping you rebuild, recuperate, repair.  So if you’re all about post-workout protein don’t forget to also be all about post workout Vitamin C .

Collagen is the glue that strengthens connective tissues that are essential for healthy tendons and muscles and helps reverse exercise induced oxidative stress.

As with any supplement it’s important to know what Vitamins support you, plus the dose.

If you train a lot you may need to increase or there could be times where you decrease the amount. The right amount for you is important,

Check with your doctor, trainer, health person, coach, mentor, when it comes to what you’re taking and how much. 

It’s important for all who work out, athletes included to keep on top of their intake of Vitamin C. 

As the body can’t make or store Vitamin C, if you fail to get your daily amount from food or supplements, signs of deficiency can show up, when this happens generally you won’t feel so good, you’re feel you’re lacking in something. Tired, less energy, headaches….

This Super Vitamin is so easy to incorporate in your daily routine, make it a priority to create a healthy new habit to support your wellbeing. Let’s not take Vitamin C for granted. 

Check the ingredients, labels, go for natural no additives!! 

Do the best for yourself both in and out of the gym.

Stay strong, healthy, fit on C-pure Vitamin C from the C-pure team 


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