My History

In 2015, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. In 2018, I was diagnosed with secondary liver cancer. My prognosis was pessimistic. After receiving several treatments and following different protocols, I decided to launch into an investigation of alternative treatments.

I could no longer bear the fatigue, pain and lack of energy and vitality that governed my day to day because of these aggressive treatments. I needed something to energize me, lift my spirits, make me feel alive again.

With the help of some gifted connections and Massey University in New Zealand, I began to develop and produce a drink that would help me boost my immune system and awaken the vitality that remained in me.

Thanks to everyone’s help I finally managed to develop what started as Poten C but is now C-pure, a more advanced Liposomal Vitamin C product with a higher level of absorption in the cells.

And the results were extraordinary. My energy levels spiked and my spirits skyrocketed.

Nothing is better than being able to live again.

But I didn't want that to end here. I decided that if this product had worked for me, it was my obligation to share it with everyone.

Currently in New Zealand, the same doctors who were treating me sell my product to their patients feel free to read their testimonials on my web site

Since taking C-pure every day I feel more vital and stronger, but not only me. Thousands of people have already shared their stories with me and our community.

Today I still have MRI scans every 6 months to see that there are no metastases, and at the moment I am "clean".

Thanks to C-pure I can continue my day to day life with vitality, energy and a smile.

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