Dr Russel Cooper

Anubha Anti Ageing Medicine
Anubha Mountain Health Retreat Australia

Good morning Paul

Our order has arrived. Thank you so much. It has a wonderful
and a very clean taste, I'm very happy with it.

Thank you

Yours sincerely,
Dr Russel Cooper

Andrew Bolton

Dear Paul

Many thanks again for introducing me to the wonderful C-PURE

I am continuously impressed at Be effectiveness of C-PURE on my personal health and on many of my patient's health.

I personally have used many other forms of vitamin C over my career as a health professional, but nothing comes close to C-PURE for its rapid action and super dose.

C-PURE has added great benefit to my Osteopathic practice as well, | am more vitalized than ever from taking it daily, my patients are ordering more and more, and it's a great adjunct to my health clinic. Now it's the only vitamin C product hat | would recommend.

| look forward to more inspiring news on the effectiveness of C-PURE. Thanks again Paul.

Warm regards

Andrew Bolton
Bapps Appl Sci(Human Biology)
Master in Osteopathy

Dr. Carmen Barnes

Holistic Medicine practitioner in Wellington

Dr Glen Twentymen

Waiheke Island

Dr Tanya Christensen


Koru Medical Clinic

Family practice physician in Keri Keri

The Brilin Functional Medical Centres Christchurch and Timaru

Kanageswari Singaram

I have been taking C-pure for the past 5 months and it has made a tremendous difference to my health. My energy feels boosted and I feel more able to keep up with my busy life without feeling run down. Thank you Paul for developing and delivering an amazing product. I will certainly recommend this Vitamin C.
Kana, senior registered nurse
Ascot Hospital 

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